About me

Hi! Nice to see you here!

My name is Lucia Potenza.

I am curious about more or less everything, I really don’t like horror movies and violence. I like meeting people from all over the world, I like talking with open minded people, I like learning from other people, I like thinking with my own mind.

I am from Portogruaro, a quiet town where you find everything you need: smiling people, green countryside, happy pet, some discos and pubs and other activities for free time, well built streets, profit and no-profit associations, half an hour by car from beaches and from the mountains, one hour by train from Venice and from Trieste.

I have always known that I’d have moved from there and travel… because I need to discover with my eyes what beautiful world is this! Someone (not really open minded, I guess) thought I wasn’t happy of my life in Portogruaro. This is not the point! I love my family, my home, my friends. The point is that I want to meet other friends and to see other “home”. My restlessness is hungry, I look for continuous stimuli, situations and motivations, without forgetting what/who I have – got, – seen, – done, – met.

My own individual career started when I went to Gorizia for studying Economics and Tourism. I also started travelling with more awareness and feeling than in the past: some days spent in Abruzzo, Barcelona, Florence, Wien, Cracow, Madrid, Valencia, Greece, Berlin; some weeks in London and Ibiza; visiting relatives and friends, studying or working, simply having fun, always with curiosity, always with wide open eyes and a smile.

In October 2008 I arrived in Milan and my restlessness found out a rich (in stimuli and motivations) place where to rest… just for a while! In summer 2009 I decided to live for 2 months in the UK, London was the goal. I worked and lived really independently, it was great! The following year I passed the ocean for the first time, I flew to Chicago for a 3-month internship, it was great, Chicago was great, the US are… wide!

In March 2011 I graduated in the master degree in Tourism Management in Milan and on 1st May I moved to Turin, where I had just started working (a true job after internshipsssss) as web marketing assistant in a management and marketing consulting company specialized in the tourist sector. I already know this is just a stage in my journey and I’m trying to get the most of it!

In January 2012 there will be a big change for me… Guys, my peers… I am going back to Veneto, for work and for living!!!! See you there.

“I go where my passions are and my place is the world”


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hi there nice world traveler!
a very hard but fun life, all opposite of me and mine… i had spent (spent, si dice spent o spend o spended ?!?) all my life between motorcycles and races, in kidding time i where a true metal soldier, so all my money are gone in guitars, test sound rooms, alchool XDXD and more. No travels for me, oly Germany, spain, france…but always for motor races ! XD
I can’t understand some things about you :
1 – you where bor realy with HAPPY PETS ?!
2 – is your doggy realy YELLOW !?
3 – do you realy want to stay in Milan ?! WTF !
4 – realy travel with always wide open eyes ?!
could be better a pair of glasses ! XDdxdxXDX
Regards and kisses, see you soon,

Comment by Faggiano

Kind Faggiano,
delighted by your curiosity!
Riding motorcycles has to be exciting, good way to spend (simple past is “spent”!) money and to spend time. I know motoriders are devoted to that spirit.
1 – what’s “bor”?! in my hometown pets are happy thanks to green spaces, food and cuddles.
2 – she’s a colour between yellow and orange!
3 – Milan is only a temporary place for me. I really don’t want to live there! I study in Milan… not for much longer.
4 – I already have glasses 😉
Hope you’ve found something interesting in this virtual world and to meet you again!

Comment by cia2p

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