Fried soles with spices / Sogliole fritte alle spezie
24 February 2010, 12:47
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Yesterday evening I cooked my first fried fish. It’s fast to be prepared and perfect for everyone, children as well.
I like experiments, you know! So I tried to put together…

3 fresh fillets sole (without bone) each person
olive oil
pepper powder, salt, laurel, curry powder

In a plate, put 4 spoons of flour, add a bit of pepper, salt, curry powder (the colour of flour DOESN’T have to become yellow!) and a little spoon of laurel broken into little pieces.
Put a fillet in this plate and turn it over by hands until it will be well floured. Repeat with every fillets.
Fill a big pan with olive oil just to create a thin stratus. Light the fire and when oil is hot, put floured fillets inside the pan, with medium fire, turning them upside down until they become like golden and crispy.
If you cook lots of fillets, you will probably need more flour and spices and to add other oil after first cooking.

They are ready and tasty! Tip: serve them with fresh tomatos salad.


Spaghetti with clam sauce/ con sugo di vongole
11 June 2009, 19:26
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This morning I had an exam…after an exam I usually don’t want to cook! So, I start this issue of my blog (“ricettario-cookbook”) with my food of yesterday lunch, a seafood with spaghetti.
A long time ago…when I lived in Gorizia, I used to run away from that boring city, to have party in Trieste with my friend Daniela. Thanks to her and our hunger after dancing all night, I can write you this easy, cheap and tasty dish.

Spaghetti with clams sauce
For 2 people, tot. more or less 5 Euros
160-200 gr. Spaghetti
100 gr. (drained weight) Clams in brine
230 gr. Tomato sauce
Garlic, salt, black pepper, hot pepper, olive oil.

Fill a big pot with water, cover and put on the fire.
In a pan, put olive oil covering the surface with a low stratus; when it is warm, put some garlic’s slices and when they are yellow (not brown!), throw them and let the oil become less warm (remove it from the fire just some minutes).
When water is boiling, add salt and spaghetti (usually 8 minutes to get cooked).
Drip the clams from their water (you can keep it to dilute the sauce later, as you like), put the clams in the oiled pan, make them flavour on the fire some minutes and add tomato sauce. Put a pinch of salt, black pepper and hot pepper as you like; bland and let it cook for 5 minutes.
When spaghetti are ready, drain them with a colander; put them in the pan with the cooked clams sauce and make them jump inside on working fire for few minutes.
Serve and eat!

Spaghetti con sugo di vongole
Per 2 persone, circa 5 euro di spesa
160-200 gr. Spaghetti
100 gr. (peso netto) Vongole al naturale in barattolo
230 gr. Polpa di pomodoro
Aglio, sale grosso e fino, pepe nero, peperoncino, olio d’oliva

Riempi una pentola di acqua e mettila sul fuoco. Quando l’acqua bollirà, aggiungi una manciata di sale grosso e gli spaghetti.
Intanto, in una padella, aggiungi un filo d’olio e, quando è caldo, fai soffriggere uno spicchio d’aglio finchè diventa giallo. Togli la padella dal fuoco affinché l’olio non schizzi quando aggiungi gli altri ingredienti.

Sgocciola le vongole (tieni la loro acqua per eventualmente allungare il sugo, in base al gusto) e aggiungile alla padella con l’olio. Falle insaporire qualche minuto, dopodichè metti anche il pomodoro, sale fino q.b., una macinata di pepe, un po’ di peperoncino e lascia cuocere, mescolando, per 5 minuti.

Quando gli spaghetti sono al dente, scolali; mettili nella padella con il sugo di vongole ancora sul fuoco e falli saltare per pochi minuti.
Servi e mangia!

Come variante, usa 4 pomodori medi da sugo freschi, lavandoli bene, tagliandoli a fettine, svuotandoli dai semi e aggiungedoli alle vongole come indicato nella ricetta.