I’m in love… with Turin!
14 December 2011, 14:38
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This is just a short to-do post about the city where I’ve been living for 8 months.
When I arrived in Turin, my mind was full of buzz by people who visited Turin or lived in Turin and it wasn’t often positive buzz. Probably this prejudice made me be even more surprised when I started discovering this beautiful city!
In Spring / Summer 2011 the weather was helpful, I know. But it’s really more than this.
First of all, the city centre architecture, with its noble and elegant buildings and its wide streets or with its picturesque houses and narrow streets in the Quadrilatero Romano area. And the Porta Palazzo market, my beloved Parco del Valentino, San Salvario… Eataly!
This is just the city, what about the people I’ve met?
If you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask me!

It was necessary for me to write about Turin, my beloved city, at this time, as I’m getting ready to leave it.


The USA are still in my heart… and I love Paris!

Traveling and discovering the world… One of my fav!

There are so many places that I’d like to visit.

I often think about my stay in Chicago… The view of the Millennium Park from the Art Institute is always there, on my desktop! I still dream to pic nic listening to free concert in the park or to drink cosmos with my friends in the lounge bar atop the Hancock Center (96th floor!!!!!).

I still see the cactus in Arizona, the red, burning, unique sunset on the Grand Canyon, the infinite sky…

I still feel the fresh water of the Niagara Falls and their rapids.

I still wander with my mind in the Avenues and Streets of Manhattan, I see the Statue of Liberty in front of me (so high!), I taste the ethnic food… from all over the world.

I’ve written these pills only to perform my task (I wanted to do it since last August, almost one year ago!) or maybe because I don’t want to forget and I still feel the magic of such an amazing trip!

When I came back to Italy and my friends discovered I had never been in Paris… all my reputation as traveler was almost over!

Well, now I’m in love with Paris! I organized this trip in the rush and everything I could expect from one of the most famous and beautiful cities in the world was there, under my feet, the buildings and their beauty, the water enchanting the people, the colors, the music and the food conquering the spirits. What else? Everything was expected… I liked it… and then? Then I had a trip on the Bateaux Parisiens, the boats on the Seine. It was night, the Tour Eiffel was shining with its thousands lights, the ancient buildings were all around me, I thought of the poets, the writers, the painters, the politicians who made our history, the common people and passed through those streets and buildings. I was caught by the energy of this city, in the quite atmosphere of the night.

I loved the cafè and the food, the scent of the city; I loved Montmartre, the Sacre Coeur; I was so excited when I went up Notre Dame and I saw its Gargoyles.

This is just a little part of what I’ve experienced in the amazing Paris!

And a big thank to my friend Rafaa, who guided me during the first 2 days and hosted me!

United States
18 August 2010, 16:20
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My fellows, three days ago I came back to Europe, I landed in London from New York City.
I spent more than 3 months in the United States and… oh my god!
I can’t describe my experience in one post.
These are the first words I think when I think about USA after my experience:
1. the sky is sooooo wide!
2. cactus
3. skyscrapers
4. New York City


Milan… Milano!

Yesterday I realized I have never written about Milan, even if I like this city and I have been living here for more than 1year… and there is a lot to write about it!

By the end of April I will greet this wonderful and attractive city. I won’t say “goodbye” but it will end an happy, hard, rich, funny period of my life here… Milan, I will miss you!

This post describes my last walk as student “milanese”, I have had the honour to be a guide for those one visiting me during my years here.
View Walking in Milan for 3:30 hours in a larger map

Last Sunday I walked along mysterious streets… I discovered proud and noble houses near Piazza Giovine Italia, with big decorated terraces and gardens on their rooftops; I arrived to Cadorna Station, where you see a coloured monument dedicated to Milan: the colours of the undergound lines (red, yellow and green) in a needle with thread, the symbol of fashion style (Milan = Italian and european capital of fashion) and “made in Italy”.

Then I went to Via Brera to visit the “Biblioteca Braidense”, an ancient library. There were too much people so I changed my mind. I could visit Brera picture gallery (la Pinacoteca) but I decided to continue walking… I reached Piazza della Scala, where you admire the most famous theatre in Milan, La Scala Theatre, and walked through Vittorio Emanuele Gallery (la Galleria). I stopped and looked at the decorations and at the pictures realized on the ceiling, on the walls and also on the floor where you put your foot and you feel like a person of XIX century.

After the gallery… here I am! Piazza Duomo! The marble Cathedral, lighting, breathtaking!

The marble Cathedral lighting and breathtaking

Some minutes and I continued walking to Palazzo Reale, an important palace for exhibitions. I decided to visit that one dedicated to Francisco Goya, a Spanish painter who lived between XVIII and XIX Centuries. I was tired, so I spent only one hour inside the 12 rooms; I wasn’t very satisfied because there weren’t lots of Goya’s paints and in the third and last part of the exhibition, called “The scream”, I didn’t find anything by the artist! Maybe I was too tired and blind…

I went out from the palace and greeted the Cathedral. Then I started walking back home but it wasn’t done! I went to the Castle of Milan, Castello Sforzesco. It’s my favourite building in Milan, my preferred place: I love looking at this red (the colour of its bricks) stately monument, it embraces you and makes you feel save. It’s a refuge for me! And behind the castle… a big park, Parco Sempione, I like nature and green space. So… this is really the best place in Milan for me 🙂

From the Castle I reached Via Magenta, a long straight way connected with Corso Vercelli, which ends near my apartment. During this last walk here I was tempted by shop windows but luckly on Sunday most of them are closed. And I met another important attraction of Milan… Santa Maria delle Grazie and… the Last Supper (il Cenacolo Vinciano) by Leonardo Da Vinci. You have to book your visit before coming.

On the way to this famous fresco, just some meters before it on the left side, there is a particular palace, hold by the Stelline foundation. “Stelline” (the little stars) used to be the name of female orphans who were hosted in this palace from the end of XVIII Century. A stop, when you are here, is a good way to complete your daily visit!

Other 10 minutes walking and… we’ve arrived, my feet were claiming!

Naturally London: the best park is Hampstead Heath

In my opinion it’s the best park in London, I was so surprised when I discovered it by chance, wandering to the north of Camden High Street. I found this wonderful place, I walked never alone (Londoners love this park), with free mind and fresh breath.

Choose between Northern Line (Hampstead Station), train lines (Hampstead Heath or Gospel Oak) and buses (for example, 24 through Camden Town). From the city centre you will reach the park in half an hour.

It’s Hampstead Heath! If it’s sunny, plan a trip here, with pic-nic and good legs to walk through woods, paths, little bridges, lakes, breathing deeply and feeling the Nature. Listen to the birds songs, look at the flowers and animals.

If you need a goal or a restful break during a walking, visit the nice Kenwood House. You will live ancient centuries. If you have watched “Notting Hill” movie, with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, you could recognize a famous scene and fall in love there… I did!

Liverpool and the trip mate

I’m glad to say that last Tuesday I finished my exams of that hard period!

On Wednesday I left by plane to Liverpool.
The main steward on the plane “Ryanair” was really funny (Italian!): “toilets are available and still for free: so use them, until you can!”. One year ago maybe you heard about the new that Ryanair wanted costumers to pay for using toilets on the plane…

Days in Liverpool: gray sky, snow, rain… Fortunately I met a new friend, Rafaa, in the hostel Nightingale Lodge (cheap and clean). That was the best meeting to deal with those bad days, a kind and friendly coetaneous boy from Tunisia. I really thank him for having met and I know he thinks the same.
In two days we visited Liverpool Cathedral, museums, galleries, discovered the Mersey River, the Liver bird and the history of the town, a trade sea-port. We had fun with liquid slimy noodles and with Cavern Club shows.
But most of all, we met while raining and greeted with shining sun!

Entrance Maritime Museum

Surprising London: Grease the musical

I spent the first week of 2010 in London and I was happy to satisfy one of my desires about London: to go to the THEATRE.

Thanks to a fabulous surprise from mobile-company O2, I got 2 tickets for 1 and…

GREASE became mine!

facede of Piccadilly Theatre

When in Piccadilly Circus, walk for 2 minutes in a narrow street and… PICCADILLY THEATRE is here! With its brilliant facade… are you ready for the great show?

It was exciting and I recommend it to everyone! It’s easy, in London there are lots of theaters and of shows, you can find yours. Visit also AmbassadorTickets.