Naturally London: the best park is Hampstead Heath

In my opinion it’s the best park in London, I was so surprised when I discovered it by chance, wandering to the north of Camden High Street. I found this wonderful place, I walked never alone (Londoners love this park), with free mind and fresh breath.

Choose between Northern Line (Hampstead Station), train lines (Hampstead Heath or Gospel Oak) and buses (for example, 24 through Camden Town). From the city centre you will reach the park in half an hour.

It’s Hampstead Heath! If it’s sunny, plan a trip here, with pic-nic and good legs to walk through woods, paths, little bridges, lakes, breathing deeply and feeling the Nature. Listen to the birds songs, look at the flowers and animals.

If you need a goal or a restful break during a walking, visit the nice Kenwood House. You will live ancient centuries. If you have watched “Notting Hill” movie, with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, you could recognize a famous scene and fall in love there… I did!


Liverpool and the trip mate

I’m glad to say that last Tuesday I finished my exams of that hard period!

On Wednesday I left by plane to Liverpool.
The main steward on the plane “Ryanair” was really funny (Italian!): “toilets are available and still for free: so use them, until you can!”. One year ago maybe you heard about the new that Ryanair wanted costumers to pay for using toilets on the plane…

Days in Liverpool: gray sky, snow, rain… Fortunately I met a new friend, Rafaa, in the hostel Nightingale Lodge (cheap and clean). That was the best meeting to deal with those bad days, a kind and friendly coetaneous boy from Tunisia. I really thank him for having met and I know he thinks the same.
In two days we visited Liverpool Cathedral, museums, galleries, discovered the Mersey River, the Liver bird and the history of the town, a trade sea-port. We had fun with liquid slimy noodles and with Cavern Club shows.
But most of all, we met while raining and greeted with shining sun!

Entrance Maritime Museum

Surprising London: Grease the musical

I spent the first week of 2010 in London and I was happy to satisfy one of my desires about London: to go to the THEATRE.

Thanks to a fabulous surprise from mobile-company O2, I got 2 tickets for 1 and…

GREASE became mine!

facede of Piccadilly Theatre

When in Piccadilly Circus, walk for 2 minutes in a narrow street and… PICCADILLY THEATRE is here! With its brilliant facade… are you ready for the great show?

It was exciting and I recommend it to everyone! It’s easy, in London there are lots of theaters and of shows, you can find yours. Visit also AmbassadorTickets.