The USA are still in my heart… and I love Paris!

Traveling and discovering the world… One of my fav!

There are so many places that I’d like to visit.

I often think about my stay in Chicago… The view of the Millennium Park from the Art Institute is always there, on my desktop! I still dream to pic nic listening to free concert in the park or to drink cosmos with my friends in the lounge bar atop the Hancock Center (96th floor!!!!!).

I still see the cactus in Arizona, the red, burning, unique sunset on the Grand Canyon, the infinite sky…

I still feel the fresh water of the Niagara Falls and their rapids.

I still wander with my mind in the Avenues and Streets of Manhattan, I see the Statue of Liberty in front of me (so high!), I taste the ethnic food… from all over the world.

I’ve written these pills only to perform my task (I wanted to do it since last August, almost one year ago!) or maybe because I don’t want to forget and I still feel the magic of such an amazing trip!

When I came back to Italy and my friends discovered I had never been in Paris… all my reputation as traveler was almost over!

Well, now I’m in love with Paris! I organized this trip in the rush and everything I could expect from one of the most famous and beautiful cities in the world was there, under my feet, the buildings and their beauty, the water enchanting the people, the colors, the music and the food conquering the spirits. What else? Everything was expected… I liked it… and then? Then I had a trip on the Bateaux Parisiens, the boats on the Seine. It was night, the Tour Eiffel was shining with its thousands lights, the ancient buildings were all around me, I thought of the poets, the writers, the painters, the politicians who made our history, the common people and passed through those streets and buildings. I was caught by the energy of this city, in the quite atmosphere of the night.

I loved the cafè and the food, the scent of the city; I loved Montmartre, the Sacre Coeur; I was so excited when I went up Notre Dame and I saw its Gargoyles.

This is just a little part of what I’ve experienced in the amazing Paris!

And a big thank to my friend Rafaa, who guided me during the first 2 days and hosted me!