Milan… Milano!

Yesterday I realized I have never written about Milan, even if I like this city and I have been living here for more than 1year… and there is a lot to write about it!

By the end of April I will greet this wonderful and attractive city. I won’t say “goodbye” but it will end an happy, hard, rich, funny period of my life here… Milan, I will miss you!

This post describes my last walk as student “milanese”, I have had the honour to be a guide for those one visiting me during my years here.
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Last Sunday I walked along mysterious streets… I discovered proud and noble houses near Piazza Giovine Italia, with big decorated terraces and gardens on their rooftops; I arrived to Cadorna Station, where you see a coloured monument dedicated to Milan: the colours of the undergound lines (red, yellow and green) in a needle with thread, the symbol of fashion style (Milan = Italian and european capital of fashion) and “made in Italy”.

Then I went to Via Brera to visit the “Biblioteca Braidense”, an ancient library. There were too much people so I changed my mind. I could visit Brera picture gallery (la Pinacoteca) but I decided to continue walking… I reached Piazza della Scala, where you admire the most famous theatre in Milan, La Scala Theatre, and walked through Vittorio Emanuele Gallery (la Galleria). I stopped and looked at the decorations and at the pictures realized on the ceiling, on the walls and also on the floor where you put your foot and you feel like a person of XIX century.

After the gallery… here I am! Piazza Duomo! The marble Cathedral, lighting, breathtaking!

The marble Cathedral lighting and breathtaking

Some minutes and I continued walking to Palazzo Reale, an important palace for exhibitions. I decided to visit that one dedicated to Francisco Goya, a Spanish painter who lived between XVIII and XIX Centuries. I was tired, so I spent only one hour inside the 12 rooms; I wasn’t very satisfied because there weren’t lots of Goya’s paints and in the third and last part of the exhibition, called “The scream”, I didn’t find anything by the artist! Maybe I was too tired and blind…

I went out from the palace and greeted the Cathedral. Then I started walking back home but it wasn’t done! I went to the Castle of Milan, Castello Sforzesco. It’s my favourite building in Milan, my preferred place: I love looking at this red (the colour of its bricks) stately monument, it embraces you and makes you feel save. It’s a refuge for me! And behind the castle… a big park, Parco Sempione, I like nature and green space. So… this is really the best place in Milan for me 🙂

From the Castle I reached Via Magenta, a long straight way connected with Corso Vercelli, which ends near my apartment. During this last walk here I was tempted by shop windows but luckly on Sunday most of them are closed. And I met another important attraction of Milan… Santa Maria delle Grazie and… the Last Supper (il Cenacolo Vinciano) by Leonardo Da Vinci. You have to book your visit before coming.

On the way to this famous fresco, just some meters before it on the left side, there is a particular palace, hold by the Stelline foundation. “Stelline” (the little stars) used to be the name of female orphans who were hosted in this palace from the end of XVIII Century. A stop, when you are here, is a good way to complete your daily visit!

Other 10 minutes walking and… we’ve arrived, my feet were claiming!