I’m in love… with Turin!
14 December 2011, 14:38
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This is just a short to-do post about the city where I’ve been living for 8 months.
When I arrived in Turin, my mind was full of buzz by people who visited Turin or lived in Turin and it wasn’t often positive buzz. Probably this prejudice made me be even more surprised when I started discovering this beautiful city!
In Spring / Summer 2011 the weather was helpful, I know. But it’s really more than this.
First of all, the city centre architecture, with its noble and elegant buildings and its wide streets or with its picturesque houses and narrow streets in the Quadrilatero Romano area. And the Porta Palazzo market, my beloved Parco del Valentino, San Salvario… Eataly!
This is just the city, what about the people I’ve met?
If you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask me!

It was necessary for me to write about Turin, my beloved city, at this time, as I’m getting ready to leave it.